About Us

Founded in 2011 during a Mother’s Day weekend, Poetic-Prose Management LLC has continued to evolve and aims to be the premier one-stop location for all mental wellness needs. With the assemblement of the brightest therapists in the mental healthcare field dedicated to helping others, our dedication and obligation are to all clients who ultimately become part of Poetic-Prose Management’s family needing care.

Poetic-Prose Management (PPM) LLC is a mental wellness organization that strives to give you the best of us to bring out the very best in you. We are always aware of the struggles and triumphs of others, and through our services, we can help you live your life to the fullest potential. 

The PPM family works hard to provide an outlet for those who need it most. Whether you're struggling with anxiety or depression or need someone to talk to, we're here. We offer various services, including therapy, counseling, coaching, and so much more. We also have an online presence offering articles, resources, and a community for all seeking mental wellness.

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