About Me


Dr. Stephen B Grant is a military veteran delving into mental healthcare and wellness specializing in individual, couples, families, business, and fellow veterans experiences consulting. Mr. Grant was born and raised in Atlanta.

Dr. Grant attained his doctor of psychology with the University of Arizona Global Campus. Dr. Grant has been counseling others since before, during, and after military engagements for over sixteen years. Dr. Grant entered the Master's Degrees program in Psychology and Organizational Management (respectfully) at Ashford University of San Diego in 2010 and 2017. He also entered the Bachelor's Degree program in Social and Criminal Justice at Ashford University in 2007.

Dr. Grant founded Poetic-Prose Management LLC in 2011 as an idea during Mother’s Day weekend, contemplating how to incorporate an idea into actions to help others. Fortunately, through the years, the various versions of help given to others evolved into the reimagining of what is possible today. Dr Grant's primary goal continues to be providing the tools to implement mental wellness into the daily lives of individuals, groups, and families to make challenges less overwhelming. Even one persone benefiting from our services will better understand, in its entirety, how important mental health is to happiness and balance within their personal and professional lifestyles.

As a mental health and wellness conciliatory who understands both the personal and professional stressors entangled with everyday living, Dr. Grant's optimum vision is to be that ONE trusted and reliable source for your personal and professional mental wellness, aiming to establish "Peace-Of-Mind" to maximize potential and create a harmonious home and work-life balance. The approach to mental wellness at Poetic-Prose Management LLC is unique and tailored to each individual, group, or family dynamic. We take the time to get to know clients and their specific needs to create a customized plan to help them achieve their goals. Along with additional professionals specializing in fields related to your particular needs, collectively, we can make life better. 

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